Stories and photos

Gaze n Graze 2021

Some quick pictures of our 2021 tour of member gardens. Thank you to Gayle, Bets and Betty for their hospitality and the amazing variety of each garden. Click here to view the full video by Susan M.

Plant auction 2021 – Club fundraiser was a huge success!!!

Thank you to all the club members who donated plants and all members who were able to brave the rain to join us for the sale. This auction supports our speaker series and other club activities.

I thought it might be fun for anyone who has any special winter garden decorations to share photos.  I’ll start.  I have attached photos of our decorated screen trellis inspired by Myra’s.   Please forward & I hope to see others forthcoming. Jeanie Vogel

2020 Garden review by Susan

Thank you Susan

Link to the video on Wistia:

Sponsored gardens: 2020 Videos by Susan

View the Cottage Grove gardens video:
View the SPP gardens video:
View our Virtual Gaze n Graze tour from 7/15

2020 Gaze and Graze

Members had the pleasure of visiting Susan’s and Myra’s gardens as part of this activity.

Members had the pleasure of visiting Susan’s and Myra’s gardens as part of this activity.

U of M Landscape Arboretum club trip Aug. 2019

10 members ventured to the Arboretum
Elizabeth, Linda, Jan, Jon, Caryn, Bets, Cindy, Gayle, Maureen, Susan

Angelica with a visiting hornet

Amazing Day Lilly

Swallowtail butterfly visiting a Red & Orange Zinnia

Gaze and Graze club gathering 2019

Gathering together to enjoy the efforts of our club members along with good food and good company.  Many thanks to Bob and Caryn for sharing their gardens. Special thanks to our three guests Marissa, Joy, and Mya.

Planting the city gardens for 2019

A happy crew gathers to prepare and plant the Cottage Grove City Hall gardens. These gardens provide a wonderful example of the clubs dedication to enhancing the beauty of our area. With support from the city, these gardens continue to develop and welcome guest to these offices.

Celebrating 50 years of learning and service

Pineridge Garden Club History compiled by Maureen

A short summary:
The Pine Ridge Garden Club was founded in 1969 by twelve members in what was then the Village of Cottage Grove.  By 1974, when Cottage Grove became a city, the club had grown to 28 members and welcomed residents from the surrounding communities of St. Paul Park and Newport.  Throughout its history, the Pine Ridge Garden has dedicated itself to civic beautification, encouraging home and community gardening, and providing educational programs on topics related to horticulture and the natural environment.
From the beginning, club members have devoted their time and talent to beautifying the community. Early projects focused on working with the Village to establish and maintain plantings in various parks and playgrounds.
View the complete history document here.

The Pineridge Garden Club helps and inspires our community.

Each year we serve the community by attending to a variety of gardens around the city.

The Triangle garden

The cover photo for this page is the Triangle garden along Pt. Douglas Road. This garden was lovingly attended by club member Paddy B.

City Hall Gardens. –  2017

City Hall Gardens –  2019

The BEC Gardens from 2016

The Pineridge Garden Club – club activity

One member’s profession becomes a passion for all members.

One members passion becomes a profession

Kati Jo with club members Gayle, Maureen, Elizabeth, Pat, and Jon