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Pineridge 2021/20 Speaker Series

April 21
Program: Springtime Topiary Styled Floral Arrangement
Speaker: Jenn Hovland from Fleur de Louise Flower Studio

A wonderful opportunity to listen and participate in making a flower arrangement with step by step guidance and fun conversation. Jenn also offers this and other classes at her studio.

March 17, 2021
Program: Art in the Garden, by Leslie MacKenzie. Presented by: Washington Co. Master Gardener and Co-presenter from Ramsey Co. Master Gardeners.

“Become a Pest Detective”.Followed by a few resources provided by Club Members.
Here is a link to Presentation Slides and Supplemental Handout:
Lady beetle larva pictures:
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Japanese Beetles information at the UMN:
Options for slug control:
How to clean your garden tools and containers:
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Azalea sawfly…
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February 17, 2021
Program: Pollinators by Rhonda Hayes from the MN Landscape Arboretum

January 20
Art in the garden present by Philippe Gallandt from Swiss Gardens

November 18
Labyrinths – Paths of Peace – presented by Lisa Gidlow Moriaty
– Lisa presented the club with a wonderful history of Labyrinths and many examples of local labyrinths that can provide places of calm contemplation.

January 15th, 2020
Healthy Soils, Healthy People presented by Russ Henry and Chesney Engquis
– The featured program at the club meeting on January 15th was “Healthy Soils, Healthy People”. Guest speakers Russ Henry and Chesney Engquis, President and General Manager of Giving Tree Gardens and Minnehaha Falls Landscape and co-founders Bee Safe Minneapolis, explained why healthy soil is critical for our ecosystem. They shared four helpful tips for creating healthy soil:

Tip #1: Keep the soil covered in green
Tip #2: Minimize disturbance
Tip #3: Keep living roots in the soil
Tip #4: Integrate appropriate fauna

To learn more about each tip, visit Minnehaha Falls Landscape’s Website.

You can also learn more about pollinator friendly gardening at Be Safe Minneapolis’ website.

Working has begun on the St. Paul Park City Hall entrance gardens

Pineridge Garden Club volunteers worked with the city and rejuvenated this garden in the fall of 2019 with additional plants and updates to be finished in the spring of 2020 along with colorful annuals.

Thank You! Pineridge Garden Club for planting and maintaining this community garden.

Gaze and Graze club gathering 2019

Gathering together to enjoy the efforts of our club members along with good food and good company.  Many thanks to Bob and Caryn for sharing their gardens. Special thanks to our three guests Marissa, Joy, and Mya.

Celebrating 50 years in 2019!! Club anniversary dinner April 17

Gathering for our 50th anniversary
Club founding members

2019 Cottage Grove Volunteer Banquet

Cottage Grove’s Volunteer Appreciation Banquet was held in April.  It was especially nice. The City of Cottage Grove recognized and honored Delores Handeland, Kathy Rolfson and Glennie Dolan (absent) for founding the Pineridge Garden Club 50 years ago.  Mayor Myron Bailey presented Delores and Kathy with special founder plaques. The Club received a 50 year plaque and a living gift of three small Sonic Bloom Pink Weigela shrubs to plant in the City Hall Garden.

2019 Spring Gala

Pineridge Garden Club – Speaker series

September 2019

Pineridge Garden Club met September 21, 2019 at Cottage Grove City Hall.  Margaret MacNeale from the Daffodil Society of Minnesota presented an informative program about the care and types of daffodils.  The members were also able to purchase bulbs from the Daffodil Society.  The club then enjoyed refreshments and held a business meeting.    The October 16 program will be decorating for the holidays by speaker Jenn Hovland from Fluer de Louise Flower Studio.  The meeting will be October 16 at 7:pm at Cottage Grove City Hall.  For more information on the Pineridge Garden Club visit:

March 2019 – Debra Dresler 

Debra Dresler, a St Croix Valley native, has had a rich career in the arts designing and marketing art in many mediums with most recently digital art making. She has also been an instructor in calligraphy, jewelry making, painting and photography. She believes everyone is a creator and encourages wild abandon and adventures in all forms of art making. She currently teaches iPhoneography, digital art, and creativity coaching at the White Bear Center for the Arts, White Bear Lake, MN.

February (Canceled)

January 2019

Shepherd Farm Nature Center
Don Oberdorfer, Dodge Nature Center Farm Manager, spoke to the Pineridge Garden Club on January 16, 2019, about development plans for the Shepherd Farm Nature Center. Located at the corner of 70th St and Jamaica Ave, this beautiful farm is situated on 140 acres of mature forest that was once the vacation home of the Shepherd Family. It was donated to Dodge Nature Center in 2013 to be used for educational purposes. With a conservation easement and historical designation for the look of the buildings, this Cottage Grove “Gem” is protected from residential development.  Improvements to Shepherd Farm have focused on updating the infrastructure such as water, sewer and electrical. A few programs are currently offered such as community gardens for rent and an adult beekeeping class using the equipment at the Farm. More programs are in the planning with livestock at the Farm, goats, chickens, a native species garden for pollinators and over two miles of walking trails through the woods. A web site is soon to be launched.
Dodge Nature Center is a not profit privately owned self-supporting organization that depends on donations and community volunteers. Garden Club members were assured that there would be lots of opportunities to volunteer.
Don emphasized Shepherd Farm is currently not open to the public – only to people enrolled in programs at the Farm. It may open this summer or next year depending on how improvement projects progress. But hey – they’re getting there!

October 2018

Rick Rodich was the featured speaker at the October 17 meeting of the Pineridge Garden Club. Rick, a horticulturist/botanist, is a member of the North American Rock Garden Society at both the state and national levels. Members were enlightened about the appropriate rocks, plants, and soil that are chief landscape elements for a rock garden. More information about the Rock Garden Society can be found at


September 2018

Blue Chip Tree Service owner – Rodney Mead

Rod speaking at Pineridge Garden Club

Rod has owned Blue Chip Tree Service since 1990 and he spoke to members about tree maintenance and how to keep trees healthy. Rod was one of the early certified arborists in MN.



Speaker  –  August 2018

Washington County Master Gardener – Marge Sagstetter

Topic:  How to Raise Monarchs Responsibly

Speaking on Monarchs
Marge didn’t always like Monarch Butterflies and caterpillars. In fact, as a child, she had a fear of butterflies and other insects. About five years ago, a friend asked Marge to “babysit” her monarch caterpillars – she thought why not! Why not overcome this fear? Let’s do this! And Marge has been raising monarch butterflies ever since. She shared lots of information with the club members including a few links:
Everything you need to know about monarch butterflies and how you can help bring back the monarch butterflies:
For information on the migration of the monarch butterfly, go to Journey North migrations and seasons
To view a video of the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, search for Growing Up Butterfly | National Geographic – YouTube

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